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Timetable Journey into Lebanon in 2003

Friday 31st:
  • Arrive into Beirut very early morning.
  • Morning: discussion with Robert Fisk.
  • Afternoon: Beirut city and a visit to the American University Beirut
February 1st, Saturday:
  • Morning: Mr Al-Amine, former Minister of Labour, MP and former S.G. of the Baath party of Syria in Tibnin.
  • Afternoon: Boys orphanage in Tibnin + girls orphanage (which used to be aided by IrishBat [UNIFIL] from Camp Shamrock).
  • Evening: Abass Awala, UNIFIL interpreter and Operations Officer to UNIFIL + hospitality of his family
Sunday 2nd:
  • Morning: Walit Jumblatt, leader of the Druze and chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party in his palace in Mouktara.
  • Afternoon: Mountains + visit Beit Eddine
Monday 3rd:
  • Morning: Meeting with Salim Hoss, former Prime Minister of Lebanon
  • Afternoon: Lecture by Victoria Firmo-Fontan.
  • Evening: Discussion evening with Ibrahim Musawi, foreign news editor Manar TV and PhD student (topic: "Democracy in the Arab World").
Tuesday 4th:
  • Morning: visit to the Palestinian Refugee camp Shatila with guide Hala Kilani form the Daily Star newspaper.
  • Early Afternoon: Meeting with Sheikh Hassan Ezzeddin, Head of the Press Office and member of the Politburo of Hizbollah.
  • Late Afternoon: Interview with Naifi Krajam, director of Al-Manar TV
  • Evening: subject to change
Wednesday 5th:
  • Morning: to Jbel/Byblos, visit to the Lebanese American University, section urban planning, with Rachid Chamoun.
  • Late Afternoon: Meeting with Nadim Shehadi, Director of the Centre of Lebanese Studies of st. Anthony's College in Oxford.
Thursday 6th:
  • Morning: Visit to the Jihad Al Binaa agricultural centre and a meeting with the principal agricultural engineer Mr. M. Khansa, and to Baalbeck.
  • Early afternoon: Meeting with a Hizbollah MP.
  • Late Afternoon: Interview with Chibli Mallat, the human rights lawyer who's preparing a case against Ariel Sharon.
  • Evening: interviewed by Al-Manar TV.
Friday 7th:
  • Morning: visit to Qana Memorial and travelling to the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqourra, where we will be meeting UN spokesperson Timur Goksel and Force Commander Lalit Tewali, among others.
  • Afternoon: visit to Mousa Al-Sadr Foundation, invited by Press Officer Louey Sharafiddyne.
Saturday 8th:
  • Visit to Khiam Detention Centre and Sheba farms (controlled by Israeli forces). Guide was Ahmed Dakwar.
Sunday 9th:
  • Tripoli and Kfaifeni, visiting Offre Joie (an NGO that specialises in love, respect, forgiveness) members, like Philipe Fernier.
Monday 10th:
  • Return to Shannon, Ireland.

Participants are required to:
  • Read Pity the Nation by Robert Fisk, available in the UL Bookshop from late November
  • Engage in active fundraising for the Tebnine Orphanage and the Toulin Literacy Project
  • Keep a journal relating their experience, to be published in an edited book subsequently to the journey

Created 22-11-2002, last updated on: 22 February 2003
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