M.C. Escher

The works of M.C. Escher

At first, I thought the works of Escher were just a collection of magnificent drawings that keeps your attention, but there's a line in his works; it can be categorised (he did that as well). Most of the pictures I mention here can be viewed online at the gallery and here, which may be helpful to understand the explanations below if you're not familiar with his works.
Chronologically, the above can be divided into 4 distinct periods: 1922-'37 Landscapes, '37-'45 metamorphosis, '46-'56 perspective and '56-'70 to infinity.

Anyway, there are many more pictures than the ones I mentioned that may not seem to be like the ones I picked, nevertheless those ones do have the same mathematical basis (btw, Escher wasn't a mathematician).

There's a very good book that explains how he did it, called "Der Zauberspiegel des M.C. Escher", (translated into the Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher), which outlines his thought processes and shows the working drawings and models for his final works. E.g. the Picture Gallery (shown left) is "just" based on standard graph paper with some exploded and imploded graph lines...