Hallway in a monastry in Naples, merely added here to brighten up the otherwise text-only page
A brief introduction

Some 15 years ago, I created this website to provide insight in the degradation pathways of 3-chlorobenzoate resulting from my MSc thesis (summary) and to practice a bit with HTML (in the time before abundance of free CMSs and style sheets).
Over time, a lot more information has been added, in particular my further studies and research efforts, and to a lesser extent previous work in industry IT, and vaious 'general interest' topics. Those not particularly essential yet interesting topics include, among others, a summary of the works of M.C. Escher and a trip to Spain, and so on. Since 2006, similar additions have been--and are being--added to my blog, which has posts about research results, written in an accessible way, such as on the complexity of coffee, culinary evolution, and an essay on the nonviolent personality.

A few pointers to pages on this site
Note: those with this white-maroon background I consider part of my personal homepage, and the ones in a green colour scheme are work-related pages (of which this page is the start page)

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