Finally, after about 5 years, I had another "real" holiday for 2 whole weeks!
I went to Spain, primarily because I wanted to see the works and architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona. Staring two weeks to his weird buildings etc is probably possible if you have been smoking chocolate, but I hadn't, so I went to Sevilla, Granada and Madrid as well.The linked pages of this section contain the pictures and some information of my impressions of the country.
After writing these pages re-living my holiday, I even got tired of myself with all that I have done...but it didn't feel like that when I was in Spain.

Travelling with British Midlands to Spain was a mistake, with a cancelled flight from London Heathrow to Madrid having to wait for more than 5 hours, but you're allowed to smoke in the baggage hall upon arrival in Madrid Airport.
Atocha, the Madrid train station, is s nice building itself, but entering it from the top level the only thing you see is a blue-ish cloud of the smoke. Descending gradually to the ground floor, the garden comes into sight with a lot of green and even real palm trees. After buying the train ticket to Barcelona the first thing I did was enjoying the calamares with beer...


Barcelona - Sevilla - Granada - Madrid