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~~~ Note: This is very old material by now, which I'm leaving here merely for legacy purpose ~~~

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HA/Clustering Technology

Novell's fault tolerant options technology
   This page explains the technology of SFT III, Standby Server, Many-To-One StandbyServer and NHAS.

Clustering technology
   This page explains the technology of the Clustering Solutions of Microsoft Cluster Service, Cluster Service for Netware, Unixware Cluster Service/NonStop Cluster and Linux TurboCluster Server.

Compaq solutions for high availabilty
   This page is still under construction, but already contains links to the technology pages of the High Avaliability / clustering solutions COMPAQ is offering.


Netware base platforms comparison table

Novell's Small Business Suite comparison table

SMP comparison table of the NetWare family

Comparison of the fault tolerant options offered by Novell
   This page shows the comparison of Novell's System Fault Tolerant solution vIII (SFT III), the Standby Server and the Many-To-One (MTO) option. The second table on hte page gives an overview of the past-present-future features comparing Novell's and Microsoft's solutions for high availability(NHAS).

Comparison of the Clustering Solutions offered by Microsoft, Novell, UNIX and Linux
   A comparison between the four different OSs and their respective clustering solutions.

Comparison of the Compaq solutions for High Availability
   This page shows the comparison of the different futures of the series /S100, /F100, /F200, /F500 and the prefab Proliant 1850 cluster solution CL1850.

File Systems

File Systems
   This set of pages is currently a work in progress, and already contains information on AFS, ext2fs, MSDOS, NTFS, Samba and a few definitions.


RAID usage
   An engineering support document about the definition, usage and performance considerations of RAID systems; written in the evening hours whilst working for Eurologic.

Genetic Algorithms - An overview
   This rather long page provide you with an introduction to Genetic Algorithms and goes into some detail of parameters used with GAs (like crossover, mutation and fitness factors).

A Genetic Algorithm for DNA?
   GAs in computing are "normally" used in solving e.g. scheduling problems, or game theory, but this document discusses if, after a few changes in the used algorithms, it could accomodate for testing with DNA strings as well.

Communication: the last mile and some light-years
   Read about technology involved in in the so-called "last mile" bringing internet access to the home. In the second part I discuss the (im)possibility of chatting with aliens using the currently available communication technology.

Windows 2000
   This site contains a list of links to a lot of information about win2k.


Easter (197kb)
   Calculates easter in any given year, alsmede carnaval voor degene die daarin geinteresseerd is.

Squareball (204kb)
   I needed to program something with "moving objects" for a course assignment of the university; I came up with this lame game.

GAS (288kb)
   Graphing Acoustic Stability. The resulting pictures look like nice fractals; options include zooming and changing the colours of the stable and instable areas.